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So, it’s November, and I may have over committed when I made my autumn list of to-do’s. I think I forgot that there are only 31 days in October, and that when November 1st rolls around, I’m in full on Christmas mode. Maybe I didn’t forget. Maybe I thought that I honestly could take a trip to my favorite pumpkin patch near Birmingham, and my other favorite near Florence, and also take a trip to Georgia to pick apples, and also carve these  pumpkins, while taking a trip to Huntsville for my girl to get married, while also having a Halloween party, while also taking trips to the best antique stores, and then also working 40 hours a week. I’m not sure what happened. But, the fact of the matter is, I won’t be able to knock everything off of that list. I’ll make my winter list in the next couple of weeks, but until then, I’ll keep checkin’ things off the autumn one. ENOUGH ABOUT MY FAILURES. MOVING ON.

Today is my mom’s birthday. I wish that I was home celebrating her because she truly deserves all of the celebration in the world. Today is also my in-laws’ anniversary! My younger brother’s 21st birthday is in seventeen days. Christmas is in… *not counting it because the I will think I’m late to the party and I can’t feel that way*.

Yesterday, I felt thankful that my sister in law lives so close to us where she can just come over and watch Stranger Things while she does homework.

Today, I’m grateful for a month that encourages gratitude (even if it does get mixed up with major money spending days that are confusing).


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I have been thinking that it’s Monday all  morning, so we are off to a bumpy start. But, this is a huge week. Abbey gets married on Saturday! I’ll be traveling up to northern Alabama this weekend to spend time with her as we finish up wedding projects, and I am so excited.

I have one week from today to gather all of the pieces for my Halloween costume, and I still need to send out the e-vites.

I have to get my home 100% ready for the Halloween party, because we will be coming back from the wedding on the day of the party, and running straight into the kitchen to make goodies.

I’m coming to terms with the fact that I won’t be able to scratch everything off of my autumn list, BECAUSE ONCE NOVEMBER STARTS, I’M A HOLLY JOLLY MONSTER. SO. I’ll move some things from the autumn list to my winter list, and all will be right in my world.

Happy Sunday!

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Today is my grandfather’s birthday. October 10th. Now that is a solid date. 10/10. I’m curled up on my couch, and it’s unusually dark this morning due to the rain that is coming through. There’s a candle lit and it’s filling my home with the scent of apple cider. I am leaving for work in just a few minutes, but I wanted to have a slow start today. One of my favorite things about my grandfather is that he always had a slow start to his day. I don’t know if it was like that when he was working as a lineman, I assume it wasn’t. But, as long as I knew him, he would wake up before the sun had even risen. He would go to the kitchen, make a pot of coffee, sit at the table in his robe and smoke his pipe while watching the birds have their breakfast at his bird feeders. I would hear his quiet, deep voice from the bedroom  and shoot out of bed, knowing that he was awake and I didn’t want to miss a second of the slow morning with him. I would groggily stroll into the kitchen and see him sitting beneath a swirly cloud of pipe smoke. When he saw me he would say something along the lines of “good morning, my sweet Sadie.” I’d crawl up onto his lap, and he would hold me while he smoked and sipped his coffee. The light this morning reminds me of the mornings with him, pre sunrise.

I miss that man.

I’m all things autumn, these days. I’m trying to check everything off of my autumn to-do list, and am grateful for this beautiful season and the bittersweet memories that it brings up. Happy birthday, Papa.

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There have been some developments at work. Good developments, but it means that every off day will have to be planned out and my visits home will be more and more scarce. It’s exciting to have this work opportunity, but it’s unsettling to know that I won’t have the freedom to come and go. It’s for the best though.

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A few thoughts:

I married my own, personal hero. He saved the day and saved me from melting into a weepy puddle on the floor yesterday by recovering some lost recordings of my grandfather singing me the song he has sang to me since I was a baby. I looked everywhere for these, and pulled all of my tech skills to the front lines for the search. I scoured my hard drive and found backups upon backups, but couldn’t find the recordings. I wasn’t patient enough to wait for Trey to get home, so I looked, failed, and gave up – positive that they were probably deleted years and years ago by mistake. Moments after I had declared them lost forever, Trey waltzed in the door and within ten minutes the recordings were found. Then, I turned into a weepy puddle on the couch.

Our home is coming along, day by day and I like it more and more every time I walk through the door. There are still things that it needs, and changes that we will make – but it’s our home and it feels like US.

I think I’m going to paint Saturday when I’m off work. I need to work on my embroidery, but it has been so long since I’ve worked on anything other than our home – that no matter what I do, it will be a happy vacation from my current norm.

My dad and step mother sold their home, which means that a colossal weight has been lifted off of them. I’ll be making a quick trip to Florence tomorrow to sort through boxes and boxes of Highschool Sarah’s treasures.

It’s time to wake Trey up.

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I found my old sketchbooks the other day and giggled to myself as I flipped through the pages. So many birds.

We bought a couch! Our place is finally coming together. There’s a long list of things we still need, but I feel so much better each time I cross something off of my list.

Birmingham is far better than I remembered. I love every single thing about it.


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We’re working hard to make our home feel homey before we both sink back into our work rhythms, and I do love our new home. It was built in 1935, and has beautiful natural light and hardwood floors. Some of the windows still have the original glass, and the place has a lot of character. Character. That’s what a place has when it has a lot of really strange, quirky parts to it. For example…the kitchen has two outlets, one of them is located above the stove. There is a step up to the bathroom, so that took some getting used to. It’s the only stair in the entire place, so I think we both almost face planted a couple of times. There are a bunch of other little things here and there, but I love this place. I love the creaky floorboards and I love that I can hear my upstairs neighbors walking around. I love the cozy kitchen, and the bright, sunny laundry room. I love the neighborhood and the gardening opportunities. It’s perfect for us right now.

For the last nine months, we were living with most of our things in storage. When we moved into this place and went through our boxes, we were repulsed by how much we had accumulated that we’ve just been toting along with us for years and years. We got rid of everything we hadn’t missed and anything that doesn’t bring either of us joy. We still have a lot of work to do- but we’ve made so much progress and our place is coming along nicely. We are going to spend tomorrow at our local farmer’s market, and then we are going to scout out some yard sales and estate sales for things that we are missing.

I love when I’m given an opportunity to start fresh.