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Today is my grandfather’s birthday. October 10th. Now that is a solid date. 10/10. I’m curled up on my couch, and it’s unusually dark this morning due to the rain that is coming through. There’s a candle lit and it’s filling my home with the scent of apple cider. I am leaving for work in just a few minutes, but I wanted to have a slow start today. One of my favorite things about my grandfather is that he always had a slow start to his day. I don’t know if it was like that when he was working as a lineman, I assume it wasn’t. But, as long as I knew him, he would wake up before the sun had even risen. He would go to the kitchen, make a pot of coffee, sit at the table in his robe and smoke his pipe while watching the birds have their breakfast at his bird feeders. I would hear his quiet, deep voice from the bedroom  and shoot out of bed, knowing that he was awake and I didn’t want to miss a second of the slow morning with him. I would groggily stroll into the kitchen and see him sitting beneath a swirly cloud of pipe smoke. When he saw me he would say something along the lines of “good morning, my sweet Sadie.” I’d crawl up onto his lap, and he would hold me while he smoked and sipped his coffee. The light this morning reminds me of the mornings with him, pre sunrise.

I miss that man.

I’m all things autumn, these days. I’m trying to check everything off of my autumn to-do list, and am grateful for this beautiful season and the bittersweet memories that it brings up. Happy birthday, Papa.

Life Lately


October is here! My coffee table has been dressed for it since the later days of September, and I’m an unstoppable holiday force that almost bought dreamy Christmas ornaments at World Market the other day. Someone reel me in. But, don’t, because your attempts will fail and I’ll put a wall between us and cover it in tinsel and garland.

BUT, OCTOBER IS HERE. My October coffee table has some gems that I’ve collected over the years, and I love to haul them out every October. The Poems Bewitched and Haunted pocket poet book is a special collection of Halloweeny tales, and every book of the Everyman’s Library is fantastic. The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy by Tim Burton is one of my favorite treasures. It’s just a sweet, little book filled with short stories and poems by Burton. It was gifted to me years ago, and I love it and want to buy one for every Tim Burton fan that I know. Amphigorey is a compilation of Edward Gorey’s poems, stories, limericks, etc. I love his scratchy drawings, and twisted tales, and this book was gifted to me by my older brother who knows me so well. The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton stays in this spot from now until January. My brother also gave me The Art of Tim Burton, which holds the artwork behind Tim Burton’s movies, and little drawings that never made their way out into the public, in any form other than this book. Then, Mostly Ghostly by Zorn and Bradley is just a little something that I picked up from a thrift store in college.

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Below are a couple of sketches from The Art of Tim Burton.

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Below are a few of my favorite polaroids that I’ve taken during fall over the years.

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Welcome, October. I’ll love on you so much this year that even my cat will feel it.

“I was eloquent. Shit!”

We watch a lot of movies in our home, and they are often ones that we already know backwards and forwards. I’ve always preferred “popping in a movie” to playing music, and I think it’s just because my mind wanders too much when I’m alone with music. I start cleaning my home, I put on an album that I’ve been wanting to listen to, and next thing I know I’m regretting something that I did in eighth grade, and wanting to reactivate my Facebook so that I can re-friend all of those people that I un-friended in tenth grade. It makes no sense, but it’s my reality. So, when I need noise, I know that I can count on my favorite movies to fill the space, and carry my mind into that movie world that feels so, so good.


You’ve Got Mail is one of them. It has my favorite holidays, my favorite times of the year, lines that are applicable in every day life, and a soundtrack that sticks with me. It has Kathleen Kelly’s wardrobe that I can identify with. It has a children’s bookstore decorated with twinkle lights and stuffed Arthurs and Madelines on the bookstore shelves. It has joy, and warmth and the movie feels like a warm blanket. It has Kathleen Kelly crawling into bed with her shoes on — a part that always made my mom cringe.

This movie sets me straight.

“When you read a book as a child, it becomes a part of your identity in a way that no other reading in your whole life does.”

“Happy Thanksgiving, back.”

“I gotta go get some eucalyptus candles, ’cause they make my apartment smell moss-ay.”

“Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.”


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2017 is the year for women. The Women’s March was a huge success, and everywhere, women are banding together to let their voices be heard. Women are celebrating other women, and there are body positive campaigns left and right. Among those, “Free the Nipple” has been happening for a while now and women and men are still fighting for breast feeding in public to be accepted everywhere. But beyond that, we are celebrating breasts. We are celebrating their beauty, individuality, and their functionality. We are celebrating the female form, in every shape and size, and we are making precious little pots with breasts all over them. I hope this never ends.

Scroll over the pictures for the sources.

Life Lately

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I’m pretty sure that we are 100% settled into our new home and our old city. There is still so much to do, but everything feels natural and comfortable now. We are used to our tiny kitchen, and we painted our bathroom which was a huge improvement. But, Trey loves his job and is so happy to be back with his friends again. Plus, proud of him, he just got another promotion. I love my job and my team, and even though making new, real friends can be so, so hard…I did it. And, it was so easy. I love when you find someone and just click immediately. Such a treat.

We have Jon Christian visiting us right now and we are so happy about it. He spends most of his time sitting in the floor in front of the TV with video games, which is a sight to see. He is 6’4, and somewhere over 230 lbs…so seeing him sitting in a heap on the floor, or sprawled out like a starfish is just…perfect. He is interfering with our diets and exercise in a major way, BUT WE ARE DOING PALEO FOR A WEEK AS SOON AS HE LEAVES!

I’ve been wanting to do Paleo since Trey did it months ago, and I am pumped. I love meat, vegetables, and fruit…so I’m hoping it won’t be too painful to commit 100% to this. I expect that the hardest things to do without will be coffee, alcohol, ice cream, and candy. I plan to blog my way through it…so we will see how it goes!

I am going to make an Etsy to sell some of my dearly loved clothes, art, and knickknacks. If you’d be interested in shopping it, message me or comment and I’ll be sure to send you the link when the site it up.

I painted for the first time in years yesterday, and it was more fun than I remembered it being. I tried my hand at impasto painting and loved it. I plan to do some large scale pieces soon, and who knows, maybe they’ll make their way to that Etsy that I mentioned. 😉

Well, I’m off to finish off a bottle of wine so that I won’t have to look at it during Paleo.

P.S. I’ve been watching the new Beauty and the Beast over and over, and just can’t get enough of Belle’s day dress, or anything else in the movie. It’s just perfect. Also, Wes Anderson’s new movie will knock by mismatched socks off, no doubt.

P.P.S. I’m ready for Trey’s family to move to Birmingham because I miss his little sister.

P.P.P.S. Today is National Best Friend Day, and I’m celebrating by thinking about Abbey and crossing my fingers that she will be close to be again one day soon.


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I found my old sketchbooks the other day and giggled to myself as I flipped through the pages. So many birds.

We bought a couch! Our place is finally coming together. There’s a long list of things we still need, but I feel so much better each time I cross something off of my list.

Birmingham is far better than I remembered. I love every single thing about it.


Title and Registration

For years, my brother, Andy has taken me to concerts. Usually, it’s for my birthday, and it’s always so much fun. I think that older brothers are meant to shape your taste in music. I know that Andy shaped mine, and that Trey shaped his little sister’s. Andy loves so many different genres, and I don’t know if you could really classify his taste, or mine. BUT, all I know is that I love Janet Jackson’s Someone To Call My Lover, equally as much as I love The Andrews Sisters of the 1940’s singing Oh, Johnny Oh. And, I love that as much as I love Nikki Lane singing Jackpot, or as much as I love the soundtrack of the new Beauty and the Beast movie. I love quiet lullabies, and sock hop jingles. I love 80’s power ballads, and folky, back porch jam sessions. It’s rare to find something I don’t love, and I think I owe that to my older brother.

Over the years, he has taken me to several different Avett Brothers shows, OK Go, Vampire Weekend, Sufjan Stevens, Andrew Bird, and most recently, Death Cab For Cutie.

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I have a million memories that are tied to Death Cab songs. Carefully curated high school playlists burned to CD’s, late night drives home, solo golden hour drives on rain-drenched roads through my hometown, local bands covering their songs at small shows on Florence’s one cobblestone street, while all the teenage girls swoon.

Now, I can add another memory to the collection, and it’s a good one. My brother, my husband, and myself, drenched from cold rain, sipping cold beers that aren’t warming us anywhere near fast enough, while we stand under the roof of Sloss Furnace in Birmingham. It was extra special since there weren’t phones in the air, blocking our view the whole time. It was really, really cold. So, I imagine that once people’s hands found their pockets… they didn’t come out unless it was time to clap- and maybe not even then. It was beautiful, and therapeutic, and the nearby train whistle blowing made it even better.

Also, my brother-in-law is a concert photographer, so I have some truly great close up shots of Ben Gibbard singing my favorite songs on a perfect, rainy night that ended with bacon, eggs, and hot waffles.