Welcome, 2018!

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2017 was a challenging year. We started the year in Florida, where we felt our priorities shift, and we both changed our minds about what we want to do with our lives. We found strength, and comfort in each other. We moved back to Alabama, soaked up as much time as we could with all of the people that we had missed so much. My grandfather passed away, and I was able to be by his side through it. Grief hung like a cloud over the rest of the year, but there were so many sunny memories that shined through. I celebrated the marriage of my Abbey, and the pregnancy of my dear friend, Hope. I got to see my older brother more than I have in years, since he and I both live in AL again. I moved my sister in law into a dorm at UA. I was able to catch up with my friend Tess, and we’re practically neighbors and it’s fantastic. I made a best friend out of a coworker, and it’s the fastest friendship I’ve ever known. I hosted a Halloween party, and attended a Friendsgiving, and a Christmas party, all with people that we are so happy to know. And, we added a puppy to our family last week.

But last night was one of my favorite memories of the entire year. We were invited to several NYE parties, and invited to go to a friend’s house for cocktails and Monopoly, but we ended up staying home. It was fifteen degrees outside, and we had just turned our heat on after holding out for as long as we could. Trey mixed up some cocktails for us, we popped a bottle of champagne, and we curled up on the couch with one of our favorite shows. The night turned to Trey taking me through his Apple Music, playing the songs that he found this year and fell in love with. He danced. He sang. I took a couple of secret videos because he is the funniest person I know, and I fell in love with him all over again.   I feel like nights like the one I just had are the nights that solidify the foundation we set in our marriages. When you are just together. And that’s it. You set work, worries, anxiety, and everyone else aside and you’re just together. We found ourselves laughing our way into 2018, and my heart feels light.


Happy New Year, to you and yours.


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