Real Life

“This morning started with me waking him up earlier than he would have liked, just like every other morning. He had a stomach ache that we treated with a Hero Doughnut. We watched Paul and Mary Berry make Christmassy treats, and then an hour later I was driving him to the ER because of a possible appendicitis. I’ve never felt more married, and I’ve never loved him more. This is the real stuff. The special, quiet, kind of forced laughter that only happens when someone is hurting. The memories made over a pair of double-sided grippy socks. The way the air gets sucked out of the room when you finally hear test results confirming a ruptured appendix, and there’s talk of anesthesiologists and operations. Seeing someone you love in pain, and all you can do is find them ice chips. These are new, real moments and I’m overwhelmingly grateful to be by his side during all of them. He is recovering now, and we are spending the night in the hospital with Jello and Christmas movies.”

That was the caption of a picture that I posted a couple of nights ago. It sums up my feelings about our current state this Christmas season, but I do have more to add.

When the doctor finally came in to tell that us that his CT scan showed that it was, in fact, an appendicitis, one of the first things Trey said was, “What’s the recovery time like for these things because I have a date with my wife and the Nutcracker on Saturday night.” The doctor told us that we probably wouldn’t be able to make that date.

We are home now and slowly adjusting to this period of recovery. We are checking off the movies on my Christmas list, since there’s little else we can do right now. He is having trouble sleeping since his pain medicine makes him nauseated. We are trying to keep our fat cat from jumping on his belly, which is harder to do than it sounds.

We rescheduled our Nutcracker date for this afternoon, but we still aren’t sure if we will make it. But, the rest of the day will be spent making soup, gingerbread men, and hopefully finishing my Christmas cards. We are hearing different things from different people about recovery times for appendectomies. Some say three weeks, some say three days, and we’ve heard everything in between. We’re just being patient and doing what we can.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to take care of this person that I love so much, and I’m thankful for the days that we are getting to spend together. I love him I love him I love him. If we don’t make it to a Christmas tree farm this year, and if we aren’t able to go ice skating, and if we have to pass on taking a winter hike, It’ll still be one of the greatest Christmas seasons.  In sickness and in health.


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