My 2017 Christmas Season List

It’s time. It’s time. It’s time.

  1. Watch Christmas movies:
    1.  Elf.
    2. Miracle on 34th Street (original).
    3. Miracle on 34th Street (remake).
    4. White Christmas.
    5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (original).
    6. Christmas Vacation.
    7. The Grinch.
    8. The Holiday.
    9. Love Actually.
    10. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer etc.
    11. A Christmas Story.
    12. Home Alone 1 & 2.
    13. It’s A Wonderful Life.
    14. Polar Express.
    15. Mr. Krueger’s Christmas.
    16. A Christmas Memory (1966 Truman Capote).
    17. A Christmas Carol.
    18. The Santa Clause.
    19. A Charlie Brown Christmas.
    20. Holiday Inn. Thoughts after watching: HOLY COW SO RACIALLY INSENSITIVE.
    21. The Shop Around The Corner.
    22. Scrooge.
    23. The Family Stone.
  2. Dress up and go see The Nutcracker.
  3. Go iceskating in Railroad Park.
  4. Bake Christmas cookies and decorate them.
  5. Bake Gingerbread cookies.
  6. Make a list of Christmas goodies to bake for Christmas Day.
  7. Have the cousins come stay for a few days and do all the Christmas things.
  8. Make a wreath.
  9. String garland up around the apartment.
  10. Fill a stocking for James.
  11. Fill a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child, or get a Christmas Angel.
  12. Have friends over for Christmas movies, drinks, games, and treats.
  13. Dress up and attend a Christmas party.
  14. Go antiquing for Christmas decor.
  15. Buy annual ornament.
  16. Buy annual Christmas book.
  17. Frame Christmas art and vintage Christmas cards.
  18. Decorate a Christmas tree.
  19. Have a Snow Day!
  20. Take a drive to see Christmas lights.
  21. Make an ornament.
  22. Send Christmas cards.
  23. Make a holiday playlist.
  24. Eat peppermint ice-cream.
  25. Visit a Christmas tree farm.
  26. Learn something new about a December holiday that I’m unfamiliar with.
  27. Hang a wreath on the front door.
  28. See a Christmas movie at the Alabama Theater, then get dessert and coffee.
  29. Take a “family” picture with James.
  30. Make our annual anniversary video.
  31. Have Trey’s cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.
  32. Go for a winter walk or hike.
  33. Kiss Trey under mistletoe.
  34. Make mom’s hot chocolate.
  35. Read Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol.
  36. Color Christmas pictures with Virginia.
  37. Leave goodies for the mailman in the mailbox.
  38. Have a cozy, do next-to-nothing day by the Christmas tree.

See my autumn list, and notice how I didn’t get it all done.


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