Show and Tell

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  1. I got my biannual haircut, and it’s the exact same haircut that I’ve gotten since I was 12. I haven’t had truly long hair since junior year of college, and no matter what I do, I always go back to this style. It’s my thing. I like it. If only I could master the effortless beachy wave technique.
  2. Andy is in Africa, and I’m ready for him to come home. I plan to go home that weekend, hopefully visit an apple orchard, and really soak up some Florence time. A visit home this time of year always means a trip to Old Baker Farm, a cuppa cider at Coldwater Books, and lots of strolls downtown.
  3. The latest Madewell collection is just so good. I’m not really feeling all the velvet, just because velvet was everywhere last year, but there are plenty of other gorgeous gems. My favorites are the Oversized Jean Jacket with Sherpa Lining. It reminds me of the one my mom wears in the winter. I can practically see her throwing it on to run outside and bring in some firewood. The Plaid Tie-Neck ShirtΒ is beautiful, and very Christmas 1977. It screams Stranger Things and I love it for that. This sweater is fantastic. It drapes just the way you want a sweater to, and it’s perfect for the sweaty, early autumn days. I already bought one.
  4. Paperless Post is one of my all time favorite online shops. I’ve never sent online invites with it, because I’m a true blue snail mail gal. BUT, I used them for my wedding invitations, and I loved them. I love everything that they do, and Trey and I are very serious about planning our children’s birthdays AROUND Halloween, so that we can throw Halloween themed parties. You bet your butt that I’ll be using Paperless Post. Until then, give me any reason to buy things from them and I’ll do it. Go ahead, give me a reason.
  5. I’ve been eyeing this children’s book since it was released, and I love this illustrator!!
  6. I’ve blogged about Kelle Hampton before when I read her book, Bloom, but she is future me, and I love it. She has three precious kids, and I love watching from afar as she raises them. She is a Holiday QUEEN. When I lived in Florida, I had fantasies of her strolling into my store with her kids, and I had a whole spiel that I was going to say to her about how she is such an inspiring, strong, bad ass mom. BUT, she never came in and that’s probably for the best because I would have cried AT her, in her face, and so…yeah, it’s for the best. BUT, I just went deep into her blog’s past and scrounged up some old Christmas posts, and oh me. It’ll be here before we know it and I will be screaming carols in everyone’s faces.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset



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