Missing Her


This time of year brings up every memory that I’ve made by autumn’s glorious light, and it makes my heart literally ache. While I try, I can’t think of a single sad, autumn memory. Each year, this season has held joy, laughter, opportunity, warmth, and so much life. I feel like there is a symphony being played in my chest, making my heart flutter to the trill of the cellist.

Swirled in this memory pool, are memories with my Abbey. We carved pumpkins together every.single.year. We baked together, we made soup together, we ran around our beautiful Tuscaloosa home in sock feet together. She would buy mums for the front porch, and weeks later they would die. We would curl up on her couch and watch movies by the light of some autumn scented candle. She would pile up on my bed and talk to me while I worked on projects of all sorts. We would seek out the best leaves together, and hike the arboretum. This time of year makes me miss this gal more than ever. I miss her chunky socks, and her collection of sweatpants from past beaus. I miss the way she laughs at herself after she says something gross. I miss the days when we had all the time in the world to fill each other in on what was happening in our lives, and didn’t have to cram it into a single phone call or a short visit.

I feel like I miss so much of her life, and she misses so much of mine. I will throw the most extravagant, but also very appropriate party whenever she moves back to the sweet, sweet south. I love you, Abbey gal. Can’t wait til’ you’re mine again.




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