Autumn Wish List #1

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  1. Pyne and Smith dresses: I have one dress from this fantastic brand, and I could live in it. I wore it all summer and it proved itself to be the most perfect, most comfortable, easy, breezy dress that I ever could have hoped for. I would love to add a few more to my closet, and I think that the black and the blue would be great for work, off days, and days when pants just aren’t ideal. I could layer a chunky sweater over them for chillier days, and oh boy, I just want them right NOW.
  2. Brooklyn Candle Studio Pumpkin Harvest Candle: I’ve never smelled this candle, but if it’s as good as the branding, I know it would be perfect. Some pumpkin candles are too sweet, but this one sounds like it hones in more on the spice component, which is my favorite part of pumpkin anything. Pumpkin Spice everything please.
  3. Brooklyn Candle Studio Spiked Apple Cider Candle: Again, I’ve never smelled this candle, but I’m confident that it is heavenly.
  4. Manready Mercantile Cedar + Sage Candle: Never smelled, but I know that it would not disappoint me. It would fill my home with its blissful, woodsy aroma, setting the tone for an evening of cocktails and visits with friends.
  5. Parachute x Jenni Kayne Striped Linen Duvet Cover: Abbey received a Parachute duvet cover as a wedding gift, and all of us gals passed it around the circle and admired it longingly. I stumbled upon this one and I love the subtle, almost railroad striping, and I know that it would look just as lovely in spring with crisp white sheets, as it would look in November with a big, cozy, rusty red colored throw laying at the foot of it, and my black and white cat perched up by the pillows. (Heart eyes for daaaays)
  6. Madewell Rivet & Thread Sweatshirt: I have the red one and I want to live in it. I know that the ivory would be just as perfect. It’s slouchy, but sexy in just the right way. It’s comfortable and warm, but light enough for Alabama. Want want want.
  7. Red Musc Eau de Parfum by Mad et Len: Years and years ago, a friend of mine was an au pair in Paris for the children of a woman who worked with Chanel, I believe? The woman sent my friend back to the states with gifts, and rejected Chanel perfume scents that never made it to production. My friend let me pick one out for myself, and I wore it all the time. It was exactly what I wanted in a perfume. Sweet, but not too sweet, dark, but not too dark, light, but not too light, and feminine, with a hint of masculine. It was just right. I used every bit of it, down to the last drop, and then it was gone. Getting it reproduced would be such a process and probably expensive. BUT, the other day a different friend took me to a shop in town and made me smell this perfume that she loved, and There was the slightest difference, that I couldn’t pinpoint, but it’s the closest that I’ve come to finding THE ONE. It has a pretty steep price tag. BUT, that’s what Christmas and anniversaries are for? Right? wink wink.
  8. Apple Watch: Trey says that I have a scary heartbeat, and sometimes I believe him. I’ve gotten my heart checked out and supposedly all is well. BUT, he said that he wants to get me the new Apple watch, and I’m not going to argue. I love the gold, and I’ll buy a brown or black leather band for it one day. I love that Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Woody, Buzz, etc. can all be the background, just tapping their foot as the seconds pass. It’ll have a bunch of fun, new, fitness features, and I think it would be nice to know how my heart handled the two cups of coffee I had last night, and the cup I had this morning, and the cup I’ll have later on…
  9. Runamok Maple Syrup Sugarmaker’s Cut: I’ve seen this in magazines for years, and I keep forgetting about it. If I put it here, maybe I won’t forget. Runamok Maple is known for their maple syrups, and this one is as pure as it gets.



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