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Today was one of those days where you sit down to work on something, and then suddenly it’s dark outside and you realize that you’re sitting in darkness and have been working for six hours straight, not breaking to eat or readjust pillows or turn on music or noise or anything. Weird.

But, the day started with a slow breakfast at one of my favorite places, a car wash, then a relaxing but productive morning, consisting of me having cleaned and mopped the whole apartment by 11:30. THEN, I SAT DOWN AND WORKED (in silence, somehow?) FOR SIX HOURS, COMPLETING PROJECTS THAT I’D BEEN PUTTING OFF. What a day.

You know that saying that goes something like, “please excuse the mess, we live here” or something like that? Well, that’s how I feel about crumbs. Please excuse the crumbs, because I just ate a delicious raspberry crumble bar and it, like my appreciation for raspberries, just could not be contained.

And, that was my today.


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