Show and Tell


  1. Trey’s family is almost completely settled in Alabama, and we could not be happier about it. His dad will move back this fall, and they are moving into a house next week. I am so ready for the Jeff W breakfasts, the grill outs, and the late night talks by the fire pit. I’m ready for Trey and his dad to have boy time, listening to Styx, and waxing their cars and what not. It will be so good, in so many ways, for so many reasons.
  2. We moved into our current apartment with the expectation that we would stay here for a couple years, but with every maintenance request that we have, I kind of love the idea of moving. I’m keeping a running list of the requirements for our next place – because THAT will be the one that we stay in for more than one year. OPEN KITCHEN, is on the top of that list. Our kitchen is small, lacking ventilation, and gets very, very hot when you cook. There also isn’t anywhere for me to perch and chit chat with Trey while he cooks.
  3. I think that this peach and plum pie is the next pie I’ll be making – whenever I feel like the time is right for it.
  4. My top five favorite things from Madewell’s August line up: this denim with a chewed hem, this striped t-shirt in that oh, so perfect blush color, this slinky, breezy dress, the medium transport tote in this gorgeous color, and this bandana that I can’t stop looking at.
  5. People have said that Trey and I should start vlogging, which I don’t even know what that would mean or what that would be like. BUT, I welcome any thoughts on it.
  6. This song by The Secret Sisters is in my head at the moment, and I’d be happy if it stayed there. Everything they do is magic. Oh, and look at that. There’s Brandi Carlile (insert heart eyes emoji here).

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