Trusting My Gut

I wrote a few weeks ago about my gluten/dairy free stint, and about how it was going well. Then, I went to a bridal shower, a family get-together, and my brother came to visit. So, sugar cookies, margaritas, and a whole apple pie later, it all went out the window, and I’m back to ALMOST square one. I am still paying attention to what I eat, never eating junk, and limiting my intake of gluten and dairy. But after today, I’m making more changes. I had a very serious reaction to what I assume was the grits that I ate from the hot bar at Whole Foods, and bloated up like a damned denim-clad balloon. (WHOLE FOODS, HOW COULD YOU BETRAY ME!?) I assume it was the grits because it all started within the hour. Nausea, sweating, severe bloating and rigidity, dizziness from the nausea, etc.. Β I mean…WHAT IS YOUR DEAL, GRITS??

So today, I am making a plan to keep track of what I eat daily, so that I can try to pinpoint the foods that I’m sensitive to. Something has changed with my gut over the years, and it’s time for me to listen to it, and stop fighting it. I’ll also be seeing an allergist whenever I decide to stop being a dummy and just make the appointment and go. But, baby steps.

I downloaded the app called Cara, which is a food diary app. You can also keep track of your period, mood, bowel movements, exercise, and much more. I’m excited to see how this goes, and I’m excited to gain more control over my body. It’s the only one I’ve got, so I better take good care of it. πŸ˜‰

Tomorrow starts Sarah’s Wellness Challenge 2.0. No dairy. No coffee. No alcohol. No gluten. Limiting nuts, beans, salt and added sugars. I welcome any input, insight, good vibes, and well wishes.


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