A Song for Autumn

This morning, I woke up and I’m not sure if it was the (kind of) cooler weather we have had for the last two days, or the ancient tree outside of my window making its leaves do shadow dances on my closet door… but something flipped a switch and now I can’t flip it back. It seems like it happens earlier and earlier every year, and I just can’t stop it.

If you know me well, or have been around me for a few years during the fall season and the months that follow…you know that I come alive during the colder months. It’s been this way for as long as I can remember, so I can confidently say that I’m not one of those “pumpkin spice latte girls” that have somehow become a thing. I’m really not even that jazzed about pumpkin spice flavoring, thank you very much.


My soul is fed by all things autumn. I live for the chilly mornings, and the changing leaves. I have the most beautiful memories of my dad dropping me off at my mom’s house after school, where she would be baking up delicious goodies while the kitchen was filled with that late-afternoon, golden, autumn sunlight. I remember buying school supplies year after year, and appreciating that my parents would let me get Crayola, and never settle for RoseArt. I remember the vinyl Lisa Frank backpack, and the Dr. Seuss lunchbox. I remember the Arthur backpack, and the metal, Madeline lunchbox that I soon deemed too valuable to take to school, and opted to use it for art supplies at home instead. I remember that I had an icepack that looked like an Oreo cookie, and I hope that it’s somewhere in the back of my mom’s freezer. I remember looking outside my school window at around 2:00 p.m., and thinking that it would be much warmer than it had been in the morning, and that I was going to be hot in my sweatshirt while I waited outside for my mom to pick me up. I remember that my mom’s beef stew and her portobello mushroom soup warmed up any cold night. I remember stealing my mom’s socks, and never giving them back. I remember Pilgrim and Indian day at school, and as offensive as it might be, we made shirts with fringe and beads. We had a feast, and colored pictures of Indian corn. I remember my mom carving the most elaborate Jack-o-Lanterns, and helping us be whoever we wanted to be for Halloween, no matter how much trouble it was. I remember the high school football games when I was a little girl, and the thrill of running around in the chilly night air with my friends. I remember going to the same football games in middle school, and sitting with my best friends who were in the band, and cheering them on during halftime, never actually paying attention to the game. I remember the nights spent in downtown Florence, always nesting in the same coffee shop, and then ending up at someone’s house for a movie. I remember the acoustic shows in said coffee shop, and I remember driving for hours, just enjoying the autumn air, soaking it all in and letting it fill me up. I remember having Iron and Wine, Death Cab for Cutie, Andrew Bird and The Decemberists on repeat. I remember sitting outside with my dad and stepmother, listening to them tell about their days, only going back inside when dinner was ready or when it was too chilly. I remember going to the arboretum in college, and feeling like I was getting a pretty adequate sampling of autumn’s colors. I remember learning to love football, and the high spirits that it brings. I remember walking through a pumpkin patch, where I was asked a very important question that I said “yes” to. I remember riding bikes on cold, empty beaches with my dad. I remember never wanting any autumn to end, even when I knew the joys that would come next. I remember all of it, from every year, and I’ve stitched it all on my heart like patches on a quilt.

It’s ninety degrees outside, and I’m writing this while I have a wicked sunburn. I know that we are still in the throes of a hot, hot summer. But, autumn is going to come soon enough, and I’m going to go ahead and start celebrating it.


Show and Tell


  1. Trey’s family is almost completely settled in Alabama, and we could not be happier about it. His dad will move back this fall, and they are moving into a house next week. I am so ready for the Jeff W breakfasts, the grill outs, and the late night talks by the fire pit. I’m ready for Trey and his dad to have boy time, listening to Styx, and waxing their cars and what not. It will be so good, in so many ways, for so many reasons.
  2. We moved into our current apartment with the expectation that we would stay here for a couple years, but with every maintenance request that we have, I kind of love the idea of moving. I’m keeping a running list of the requirements for our next place – because THAT will be the one that we stay in for more than one year. OPEN KITCHEN, is on the top of that list. Our kitchen is small, lacking ventilation, and gets very, very hot when you cook. There also isn’t anywhere for me to perch and chit chat with Trey while he cooks.
  3. I think that this peach and plum pie is the next pie I’ll be making – whenever I feel like the time is right for it.
  4. My top five favorite things from Madewell’s August line up: this denim with a chewed hem, this striped t-shirt in that oh, so perfect blush colorthis slinky, breezy dress, the medium transport tote in this gorgeous color, and this bandana that I can’t stop looking at.
  5. People have said that Trey and I should start vlogging, which I don’t even know what that would mean or what that would be like. BUT, I welcome any thoughts on it.
  6. This song by The Secret Sisters is in my head at the moment, and I’d be happy if it stayed there. Everything they do is magic. Oh, and look at that. There’s Brandi Carlile (insert heart eyes emoji here).

Trusting My Gut

I wrote a few weeks ago about my gluten/dairy free stint, and about how it was going well. Then, I went to a bridal shower, a family get-together, and my brother came to visit. So, sugar cookies, margaritas, and a whole apple pie later, it all went out the window, and I’m back to ALMOST square one. I am still paying attention to what I eat, never eating junk, and limiting my intake of gluten and dairy. But after today, I’m making more changes. I had a very serious reaction to what I assume was the grits that I ate from the hot bar at Whole Foods, and bloated up like a damned denim-clad balloon. (WHOLE FOODS, HOW COULD YOU BETRAY ME!?) I assume it was the grits because it all started within the hour. Nausea, sweating, severe bloating and rigidity, dizziness from the nausea, etc..  I mean…WHAT IS YOUR DEAL, GRITS??

So today, I am making a plan to keep track of what I eat daily, so that I can try to pinpoint the foods that I’m sensitive to. Something has changed with my gut over the years, and it’s time for me to listen to it, and stop fighting it. I’ll also be seeing an allergist whenever I decide to stop being a dummy and just make the appointment and go. But, baby steps.

I downloaded the app called Cara, which is a food diary app. You can also keep track of your period, mood, bowel movements, exercise, and much more. I’m excited to see how this goes, and I’m excited to gain more control over my body. It’s the only one I’ve got, so I better take good care of it. 😉

Tomorrow starts Sarah’s Wellness Challenge 2.0. No dairy. No coffee. No alcohol. No gluten. Limiting nuts, beans, salt and added sugars. I welcome any input, insight, good vibes, and well wishes.

( . )( . )

2017 is the year for women. The Women’s March was a huge success, and everywhere, women are banding together to let their voices be heard. Women are celebrating other women, and there are body positive campaigns left and right. Among those, “Free the Nipple” has been happening for a while now and women and men are still fighting for breast feeding in public to be accepted everywhere. But beyond that, we are celebrating breasts. We are celebrating their beauty, individuality, and their functionality. We are celebrating the female form, in every shape and size, and we are making precious little pots with breasts all over them. I hope this never ends.

Scroll over the pictures for the sources.

Show and Tell

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  1. This was my coffee table for the month of June. I decided that I’m going to make sure that I update my coffee table books each month. I know that I’m especially going to enjoy this during the fall and winter. BUT, I love books, and I lived for nearly a year with all of my pretties in storage, so I’m going to keep them out where I can enjoy them!
  2. My coffee table books for June were The Wes Anderson Collection, and The Art of Inside Out. I’ve always loved Wes Anderson, and since I spent most of my college years in child psychology and child development classes, Inside Out means a lot to me. So naturally, when these books came out…I had to have them.
  3. It’s 8 a.m., and Trey is still asleep. I’m going to leave for work in a few minutes, but I’m having a slow and quiet morning. I hope to make sure that I have more of these. I almost always wake up around 7, which is interesting because I was born around 7 a.m. Coincidence? Probably.
  4. Trey makes his own cold brew, and I’m grateful for that. We don’t have to buy coffee as often, and everything he makes is just so, so good. One of my favorite dishes is his sweet potato and bacon hash. It’s healthy-ish, and sweet, and spicy, and bacon filled, and just so good.
  5. I am selling some clothes on Ebay, so let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you a link! I plan to add more in the next few days, but there’s brands like Billy Reid, Madewell, J.Crew, GAP, and soon there will be more.
  6. I love that there are so many crepe myrtle trees around Birmingham. They always make me think about my grandmother. She and my grandfather have them lining their driveway, and I’ve spent many summers drawing pictures beneath them with sidewalk chalk. I love how the petals cover the ground after it rains, and if my grandmother’s soul were to have a color…it would probably be bright fuchsia. She is so vivacious, and free spirited. She has probably never asked permission for anything in her entire life, and I’m not sure that I’ve ever heard her genuinely apologize for anything. We all have an ongoing joke (though it’s 100% serious) that if two or more people gather, she will find them and see what they’re doing. It doesn’t matter where you are or who you are, she wants to be there, too. She is independent, and one of a kind.


Life Lately

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  1. Trey turned 26 the other day and even though it was a very low key day, it was perfect. I woke up early, found that I didn’t have the letters I needed to spell what I needed to spell in a banner, and made him two pumpkin pies (his absolute favorite dessert). Our entire apartment smelled like autumn, and it got me so jazzed for the cold weather, as if I weren’t jazzed enough already. So, he woke up to pumpkin pie, and the promise of coffee and HERO donuts, which are his second favorite dessert. The rest of the day included resting, driving around the city, going to the movies, and watching more movies.
  2. I took a long break from the no gluten/no dairy thing that I was doing (mainly so that I could eat an entire apple pie by myself, and a TANK of cheese dip), but I’m starting it up again and I’m excited.
  3. I’m so ready for fall. I just can’t even talk about it. Too excited.
  4. I have decided that when I want to break from my gluten/dairy thing, I’m going to make a pie. 1. It gives me pie, which is my favorite. 2. It makes me bake, which I love to do and wish I did more. 3. It gives me pie, which is my favorite.
  5. I AM SO READY FOR FALL. Still can’t talk about it.


Just Missing Things

I miss Disney World. I miss the walking, and the occasional blisters, and the blinding sun, and the hot dogs and lemonade at Casey’s Corner. I miss the smell of the Main Street Confectionery. I miss the Christmas decorations, and the Halloween parades. I miss casually seeing Peter Pan, strolling down the street. I miss the Disney hotels, and the fireworks at night. I miss the roller coasters, and the daily thunderstorms. I miss walking around the world in Epcot, and I miss the massive parking lots. I miss e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

IMG_1267IMG_1458 (1)

I miss the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I miss the butterbeer. Oh, boy, do I miss the butterbeer. I miss the shops, and the magic of it all. I miss Moaning Myrtle in the girls’ bathroom. I miss the turkey legs, and the potatoes. I miss the pumpkin pasties. I miss the rides and the art that’s everywhere. I miss the dragon that breathes fire (that almost never works). I miss the breakfasts and the lunches and the dinners. I miss Universal hotels, and I miss Seuss Landing. I miss the Jurassic Park ride. I miss all of it.


Take me baaaack.

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