Show and Tell

  1. I bought a new car! It’s beautiful, scary, shiny, and perfect for me. I want to sleep in it, live in it, and talk about it all the time – but I’m refraining from all of that.
  2. I want all of the dresses from Pyne & Smith Clothiers. I have one, and it’s all I want to wear. The next one I buy will be either solid white or black, so that it will be less memorable, making it possible to wear it much more frequently. I. LOVE. THESE. DRESSES. Thanks for treating me to my first one, Abbey!
  3. I’m currently obsessed with neroli. I love the earthy, light, sweet smell. Trey thinks that it smells like a hamster cage. Here are some neroli goodies that I might treat myself with one day: this candle, any of this from Le Labo, this night oil, this cleaner.
  4. I want to start dry brushing. I don’t know of anyone that does it, other than Gwyneth Paltrow. But, I imagine that it feels amazing, and if my lymphatic system benefits from it…sure. I’ll probably buy my brushes from here since the reviews are good, and the price is reasonable.
  5. I think that our next project in our  home is going to be sprucing up our bathroom. I plan to turn one wall into an accent wall, and Trey is going to have to do some handy dandy plaster work. Anyway, when everything is finished, I might put up some bathroom- related art like… this bobby pin print, this comb print, or some of Frédéric Forest’s incredible line art work.

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