Mood Board

A few thoughts:

I married my own, personal hero. He saved the day and saved me from melting into a weepy puddle on the floor yesterday by recovering some lost recordings of my grandfather singing me the song he has sang to me since I was a baby. I looked everywhere for these, and pulled all of my tech skills to the front lines for the search. I scoured my hard drive and found backups upon backups, but couldn’t find the recordings. I wasn’t patient enough to wait for Trey to get home, so I looked, failed, and gave up – positive that they were probably deleted years and years ago by mistake. Moments after I had declared them lost forever, Trey waltzed in the door and within ten minutes the recordings were found. Then, I turned into a weepy puddle on the couch.

Our home is coming along, day by day and I like it more and more every time I walk through the door. There are still things that it needs, and changes that we will make – but it’s our home and it feels like US.

I think I’m going to paint Saturday when I’m off work. I need to work on my embroidery, but it has been so long since I’ve worked on anything other than our home – that no matter what I do, it will be a happy vacation from my current norm.

My dad and step mother sold their home, which means that a colossal weight has been lifted off of them. I’ll be making a quick trip to Florence tomorrow to sort through boxes and boxes of Highschool Sarah’s treasures.

It’s time to wake Trey up.


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