Reading: Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen

Listening to: Trey’s breathing while he sleeps

Excited for: Death Cab for Cutie tonight!

Hungry for: tacos. It’s 8:40 a.m..

Happy about: today! It will be a wonderful day.

Thankful for these three things:, I stayed up way too late researching our ancestors. My older brother. He is brilliant and very skilled at making Pho Bo. Trey’s resilience. He had a cluster cuss of a bad day yesterday, but came home and was hopeful and eager to move on to tomorrow so that he could right the wrongs of the day before.

Thinking about: all of my friends who are pregnant currently. I get to squeeze so many squishy babies this year and am beyond pumped for it.

Feeling bad about: James caught his foot in a tight place yesterday and it took me a minute to reach him to free it. He is missing a bit of hair now, not limping or anything, but it was still just a mess.

Inspired by: this weather. It’s overcast and cool, making me want to wear light wash denim, a big white sweater and a leather jacket while I sit at a lonely cafe and read a book.

Wondering: if I should wake Trey up. I’m an early riser, so I always wake up before him, but it’s a struggle to find just the right time to make him start hanging out with me. (I think it’s time)

Wishing: we didn’t have two fans on when it’s 48 degrees outside.

Also wishing: we had the ability to travel right now. I admire people that can pick up and set off for a far off place for a while, but money is real, as are sick grandparents and younger brothers who miss you very very much.

Also listening to: James’s quick, quiet murmured snores.

Seeing: a ceiling fan, my red and white polkadot bandaid on my thumb, my hands twisted into some sort of raptor-esque position that makes holding my phone and typing easy, an open door, and the top of a tv, all peeping up from a big, white blanket.

Tasting: nothing. Still wanting tacos.

Feeling: cold and eager to start the day.

Interested: in the fact that people read this. People read my thoughts and feelings and then they like my posts. Thanks for reading, friend! I’m so interested in you and your thoughts and current doings, feelings, seeings, etc.


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