Earth Day

I think that Earth Day is one of my favorite days. I have such great memories of Earth Day through the years, like going to the 10 a.m. showing of the Disney Earth movie one year, and going to art festivals, and buying a whole bunch of plants that would later die in my arms. Earth Day is the one day in the entire year, where our planet is celebrated! We live on such a beautiful planet, and I want to see all of it. There are so many trips I want to take and things I want to do, and I hope that we learn how to take care of our planet so that our children’s children’s children can do it all, too.

My mom always taught me to recycle. I didn’t understand the importance of it, and I was always peeved when she would make me get the empty tuna can, or empty peanut butter jar out of the trash and make me rinse it and recycle it instead. But, I get it now and I want to make a difference.

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This year’s Earth Day was spent at Pepper Place, Birmingham’s farmer’s market. It was my first time going since we’ve moved back, and it’s always such a treat. We stocked up on strawberries, green tomatoes, Trey’s favorite donuts, and my favorite chocolates. Then, we spent the entire morning driving around Birmingham. We were meant to be looking for yard sales, but we ended up just enjoying the sweet, southern air as we drove through the backroads, admiring the verdant landscape.

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Then, last night, James woke each of us up, at different times. It felt like we had a human baby, and it was very, very strange. There was a very loud storm, and I heard James meowing loudly, so I got up to see what his deal was. Next thing I know, Trey was awake too, saving the day by letting me know what the scary, loud, rattling sound was that James and I were trying to investigate. It was the rain was pelting the steel cover on the window AC unit. The two of us stood in the kitchen with our huge, still-a-baby-on-the-inside-cat so that he could feel safe while he had a midnight snack.

Now, it’s the day after Earth Day, I love our planet just as much, and my plumpy dumpy cat who was asleep smushed against my face this morning, has been sleeping all day long beside me. It’s a slow and cloudy Sunday, and I’m taking advantage of this opportunity for rest.


One thought on “Earth Day

  1. Delilah does that too – in the middle of night (even if it isn’t raining!) she will meow loudly and wake us up. I have come to believe she has nightmares – but it’s been great practice for when the babies come πŸ™‚


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