Mood Board

We’re working hard to make our home feel homey before we both sink back into our work rhythms, and I do love our new home. It was built in 1935, and has beautiful natural light and hardwood floors. Some of the windows still have the original glass, and the place has a lot of character. Character. That’s what a place has when it has a lot of really strange, quirky parts to it. For example…the kitchen has two outlets, one of them is located above the stove. There is a step up to the bathroom, so that took some getting used to. It’s the only stair in the entire place, so I think we both almost face planted a couple of times. There are a bunch of other little things here and there, but I love this place. I love the creaky floorboards and I love that I can hear my upstairs neighbors walking around. I love the cozy kitchen, and the bright, sunny laundry room. I love the neighborhood and the gardening opportunities. It’s perfect for us right now.

For the last nine months, we were living with most of our things in storage. When we moved into this place and went through our boxes, we were repulsed by how much we had accumulated that we’ve just been toting along with us for years and years. We got rid of everything we hadn’t missed and anything that doesn’t bring either of us joy. We still have a lot of work to do- but we’ve made so much progress and our place is coming along nicely. We are going to spend tomorrow at our local farmer’s market, and then we are going to scout out some yard sales and estate sales for things that we are missing.

I love when I’m given an opportunity to start fresh.


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