Show and Tell

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Show and Tell is such a great concept, I think. You show something that is important to you, and you tell others about it. I’ve always been fascinated by this, even in elementary school. I was thrilled when my classmates would bring in their latest fascination, or their favorite stuffed animal, or their new bookmark. SO! I’m going to do that here. I’m going to show some of my current favorites, whether it’s recipes, songs, movies, brands, household cleaners, artists, etc., and I’m going to tell you why I love them.

  1. See’s Candies. Have you ever had these? You can build your own box of them online, and they are heavenly. My favorites are the butterscotch squares, the dark bordeaux, the dark butterchew, the scotchmallows, the polar bear paws, the walnut squares, the vanilla nut caramels, and nearly every single other delectable treat that they sell. Trey and I used to buy a box of fun chocolates for our trips out of town. Hopefully I’ll remember these next time I want to treat myself.
  2. Shotwell Candy. I had their sea salt caramels for the first time at Alabama Chanin, in Florence, AL. LET ME TELL YOU. I bought these for my coworkers and a few of my nearest and dearest this past Christmas (maybe even myself), and they were a hit.
  3. My Favorite Murder. This is a podcast that was recommended to me by the only other person I know who feels the way I do about serial killers and dark stories, my girl Abbey. The podcast is done by two women who remind me so much of Abbey and myself. I imagine that they are sitting on their couch with a fancy microphone and a bottle of wine, just chatting it up and giggling through their fears. They know that the stories they share many not be 100% accurate when it comes to cold, hard facts, but they welcome any corrections that come their way. It’s the best, and if that kind of stuff floats your boat, give it a listen.
  4. Glossier. I imagine that at this point, everyone knows about Glossier. So many celebrities wore it at the Oscars, and it’s everywhere on Instagram. I have the milky jelly cleanser and boy brow, both of which I love. I am working on developing a morning and evening routine for myself so that I can take better care of my skin. Soon, I will get the priming moisturizer and balm dotcom. The ingredients are mostly clean, compared to many beauty products that have toxic ingredients in them. The brand has an important message, the products work, and…the branding is beautiful. So… win, win, win.
  5. I don’t have anything to show for this, but when I went to see Beauty and the Beast (the second time), the theater had a sign up that read, “Feel Free to Be You”. The sign said that on certain nights, certain movies will play in a theater with the lights on and the sound a little bit quieter so that people with autism can get up, move around, talk, shout, and sing! I thought it was incredible. I only know of AMC theaters that do this, but I think that it should be a thing everywhere. Taking my younger brother to the movies is always great, but I feel like he loses interest after a while since he isn’t able to enjoy it his way.
  6. I am making an effort to be more conscious about what’s in the products that I buy. I am not going to start composting anytime soon, and I don’t think my building recycles (not that that meant that I can’t). BUT! I’m trying to live with less waste, ask for paper bags over plastic when I shop, use products that have little to no effect on the environment, and only buy products that contain little to no harmful ingredients! It’ll be very expensive if I’m not careful, so I’m doing my research and shopping carefully. A few brands that I’ve found that I’m excited to try: Herbivore Botanicals,Β Erin’s Faces, Rocky Mountain Soap Co., Dr. Bronner’s, and Living Libations. I used to have mascara by Well People, and I loved it! I don’t wear much makeup, usually only lipstick, liquid eye liner, and mascara on a day to day basis- so a mascara that didn’t leave my lashes feeling heavy and clumpy was perfect.

That’s it for now! If you, dear reader, have anything to show and tell, I’d love to hear it! Maybe I’ll even pass it along.


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