An Ode to Our Nashville Bungalow

I recently took a trip to Nashville for some much, much, much needed time with my soul sister, Abbey. We picked The Pierce, a gorgeous little Airbnb and it was exactly what we needed. I had envisioned a little cottage with a big, deep bathtub, where I could soak myself in a way-too-bubbly bubblebath (made from combining Lush’s bubble bars and bath bombs), while Abbey sat next to the tub and gabbed with me. But, we decided on a bathtub-less abode and it was perfect. We started every morning with a cup of French press coffee, and sipped it while moseying about, getting ready for the day.



In college, I did research on the effect of environment on a person’s mood and well-being. I learned that natural fibers like wood, straw, stone, etc., have a positive effect on one’s mood, which is why many therapists will decorate their offices with woven baskets and natural elements. I fell in love with that project and at one point considered going into a very special type of interior design, working in hospitals and similar settings as a very strategic type of decorator. OBVIOUSLY, I didn’t do that, and instead carry all of those little fun facts with me, and hold them close to my heart. So, when Abbey and I arrived at The Pierce and saw the large, sunny windows and our hostess’s collection of natural elements, we fell in love. We could not stop commenting on every tiny detail. Everything was thought out and pieced together perfectly. The light fixtures, not shown, I imagine were salvaged from a train station, or somewhere equally as cool. The sweet salt and pepper shakers were vintage and adorable, and even the bar that held the curtains up had pretty little paint smudges on it. So many of the materials used in this space probably came from somewhere not nearly as pretty, but were given a new life and are now greatly appreciated. Also, the TEXTILES. So many blankets. So many throws. So many patterns. *Sigh*

IMG_9770Processed with VSCO with a6 presetIMG_9954

See that teensy bottle holding wooden sticks? It says “Moroccan Mint”on the side of it, and Abbey and I both thought that it was so cute. At one point, we both smelled it and were excited about it. It turned out to be filled with toothpicks. 


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Our Airbnb left us feeling inspired and it reminded us to fill our lives with the things that bring us joy, and make us feel whole. So, on our last day, we spent around $40 each on crystals. BECAUSE WE ARE ADULTS AND WE CAN.

Many more pictures of this trip will come, but as I’m laying in bed in my miniature bedroom, surrounded piles of clean laundry and cat toys, I’m thinking back to this sun-drenched oasis and counting down the days until I’m able to create a new home, filled with  bits of nature that speak to me.


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