To be 100% honest, Miami wasn’t as great as I had expected! I didn’t see an old, leathery man in a teensy speedo (I almost did, but he was wearing a towel which might be a blessing, even if it’s a disappointment), I didn’t have the best tacos under the sun, or the best Cuban sandwich, and I didn’t see any espadrilles. But, it was still a 10/10 and five stars because it was a much-needed getaway, I saw some seriously pretty flowers, saw Jerry Seinfeld’s stand up, and had a truly fantastic time.

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Check. Out. Those. TARTS.

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We found this amazing coffee shop called All Day, and couldn’t stay away from it. One bathroom is decorated with cats, the other with carnivorous plants and bats. The french toast is heaven, and everything about this place is beautiful.

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We were sure to check out the Wynwood Art District, and stumbled into Dr. Smood. I hope that everywhere I go in life, there is a Dr. Smood. But, that’s not at all possible because they are only in Miami and NYC. So, scratch that.

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We wanted to stop in to one of the old hotels for a quick drink, so we picked the Raleigh, which is known for its pool. It was designed in 1940, and it felt like we went back in time.  We sat outside, under the canopy of tropical greenery, and happily drank mojitos.


I got my striped umbrella fix. Heart eyes forever.


We spent one full day seeking out old hotels and flowers, and then ended the day by curling up and watching The Oscars. The very first time we spoke was Oscar night about four years ago. I tweeted something, he thought it was funny, he asked me why we weren’t friends yet, and now we are married.


Pastel striped umbrellas. Yes. Neon signs. Yes.

dscf1578Processed with VSCO with a6 presetimg_1421

PS. I finally got to see the Everglades. Checking all sorts of things off of my To Do in Florida list.


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