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While I might be the walking, talking essence of autumn…there’s something about the sunshine that just makes me so giddy. It makes me want to roll around in the grass, and go seek out bodies of water to sit near. It makes me want to start a garden, and have an outdoor dinner party. It makes me want to watch little-league baseball games and buy red and white, cotton sundresses. It makes me bloom, and I LOVE it. My grandfather has always been a sunflower, and my mom would always wake me up on sunny weekend mornings by opening the windows and letting the sunshine and fresh air fill the room. On my way home this evening, I was passing one of the ponds in our neighborhood and saw the sun peeking through the trees as it was beginning to set. Every branch was golden, every green leaf illuminated, and it took me back to thoughts of past sunny spring evenings. So, here I am, feeling warm and sunny. Thinking of freckles and cricket sounds. Thinking about how the evenings in Alabama felt heavy with the weight of the long, glorious day, and the evenings in Florida feel light and filled with possibilities. I’ll end that thought there.

In just a few days, we are headed to Miami! I want to see big, striped beach umbrellas, retro type, twirly sundresses, espadrilles, tiny speedos on leathery men, Cuban sandwiches, and more more more. Give me all of the sunny, Miami things. Also, bring on recommendations of where to eat, what to see, etc.

“Welcome to Miami. Bienvenido a Miami.”

Scroll over those pretty pictures to see where they’re from.

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