Little Moments / Beard Evolution

These are little moments with my husband. They are just snippets of days, and I documented them, and I’m so happy that I did. My love for him is something fierce, and it goes beyond words. I can list all of the things that he does for me and write about the ways that he loves me and the things that he tells me, and I’m sure that I will do that on here one day. BUT. Right now, I’m reflecting on these little moments with the person that I share every day of my life with. We are closer now than ever before (living in one room will do that to you) and I can’t be more grateful for him. I just can’t. So, here we go on a journey through little moments, and beard growth.


On this day, I believe it was in Feb. of 2016, we went to the botanical gardens in Birmingham, one of our favorite places to visit. Then, we went to J. Clyde for some handsome burgers and beer. We’ve been visiting the botanical gardens since we first began dating, and it feels new and special every time we go. I remember thinking that he looked so handsome with that scruff and that plaid. Heart eyes for days and days.


This was the following month in the Bahamas. We set out to the beach without towels, drinks, shade, etc. So, he jumped up and bought three or four towels from a vendor, along with a t-shirt, three shots of something, and one beer. The drinks didn’t really benefit anyone but him, since he felt like he couldn’t transport the shots the whole way, and took them all at once. BUT, when I saw him walking back, carrying one beer, wearing a t-shirt featuring a cartoon kitty lounging on the beach, sunburnt with towels under his arm, I couldn’t help but laugh. A lot. And his giggles when he told me about the three shots that he just guzzled down made my heart swell.


This was the next month when we surprised my girl Abbey in NYC when she got engaged. She was still in Paris at the time, so we were adventuring around the city by ourselves. We had been watching a lot of Anthony Bourdain, and we knew that Papaya Dog supposedly had some incredible hot dogs, and juice. We found one, and spent maybe $12.00 for some loaded hotdogs, fries, and juice. I don’t remember either of us even being hungry when we found Papaya, but we loved every minute of it, and now recommend it to everyone.


A couple of weeks later, we went to Abbey’s engagement party on her family’s farm. I have a surprising number of pictures of Trey with goats. We love them, and he gets along really well with goats. Trey loved Abbey’s family, and everyone welcomed him in just as they welcomed me in years and years ago.


He found a new hobby: rock climbing. He is getting really good at it, and full disclosure, I love watching him do it. I forgot what he looked like without facial hair, and he was a little tired of the beard, so he shaved and I didn’t recognize him.


We were on our way to Florence for Trey’s birthday weekend. This was a really, really cute moment. Until it wasn’t. James used to be such a great car cat. But, I think this day ruined it for him. (I know it’s very unsafe to have a cat out of a cat carrier in a car)  The air conditioner in my car went out a few minutes after this photo was taken. It just happened to be 90 degrees that day, and in a car… it was hotter. James started panting, I started panicking, Trey remained calm. We went to Wal-Mart so that we could buy portable fans, the woman at the door wouldn’t let me carry James in the building, but I insisted on standing inside the building where it was air-conditioned. We positioned the fans on James, but he still was very uncomfortable and nervous. It was horrible. BUT, Trey remained calm. I panicked.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

It was very, very hot outside, but I made a flower crown and insisted on taking pictures of him on his birthday. He didn’t love it since he is a mosquito magnet and they were swarming all around him. BUT, he is the cutest and I just couldn’t NOT celebrate him. We went to Newbern’s, a family owned catfish restaurant, and one of our all time favorite restaurants! I requested it for my 16th birthday, and he requested it for his 25th.


This was right before we moved to Florida. We visited his parents and looked for apartments. His mom and sister ran into Universal so that they could grab us two Butterbeers, and this was taken while we waited outside. He was so excited since it had been far too long since he had one. Those BLUE EYES. His eyebrows are always flawless, and he doesn’t do anything to them.


This was right after we moved to Florida, when we were testing out coffee shops, trying to find out favorite one. I remember thinking that he looked so handsome with his new haircut. It was the first haircut in years that was given by someone other than me. Again with this eyebrows. Heart eyes again, and the scruff returns.


We spent a lot of time in the sun during our first few months in Florida. We both had part-time jobs at the time, and frequently found ourselves at the beach or at the parks. This was when we were trying out some new restaurants, and new local beers. I’m sure he is saying something like, “You said I should put on sunscreen and LOOK at you!” But oh, those blue blue blue blue eyes SLAY me. They were tired blue eyes here. Scruff is present, but less of it.


Months later, in Florence for a visit, finding that we love Florence far more than we love Florida. Tans have disappeared, freckles hidden from working indoors full time. We went to one of my hometown’s parks and talked about what we want to do, where we want to live, what all has changed, and what we’ve learned. My brother made Pho, and it was heavenly. My mom made a large dinner, my dad and step mother made a large dinner, and we spent the weekend surrounded by my family. BEARD is happening.


A couple months later, we visited Hilton Head, SC  for our first wedding anniversary and brought James with us. It was very chilly on the beach, and Trey did a few dance moves while I watched. We made a video where we spoke about our first year and what we learned during it, along with what we wanted for the second year. Side note, I was sick for a day of our trip, and the entire day, Trey reassured me that I wasn’t ruining anything and took excellent care of me. He made multiple trips to the store for water and medicines and researched quick remedies. His beard has gotten pretty serious.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

This was taken a couple of weeks ago. We went away for a night and stayed in a fun hotel. We ordered pizza in bed and went to a Harry Potter Expo the following day. His beard is beastly, and he reads my thoughts.


Just a couple of days ago, taken from snapchat. His beard is the real deal and he is letting his hair grow out. We drive to work together whenever possible, we work out almost every single day, and we are conscious about what we eat. He is obsessed with our cat, and he is truly a safe haven for me. We have to carefully plan out days together because of our work schedules, but we make it work. He is entirely perfect for me, and I couldn’t feel more blessed. We talk about babies sometimes, but we never call them babies. We use euphemisms like: critters, creatures, little things, rascals, dumplings, tater tots, etc. This is our life, and this is my husband, and I think he is the absolute coolest.

Everyone needs one like him.


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