Honeymoon Beach – Donezo


I heard that it was 55 degrees in Oregon today, and my heart broke a little. But, I spent today sitting under a bright and happy umbrella, listening to sea gulls calling to each other on the beach and that mended my heart quite a bit. Then, a flock of pelicans flew over our nesting spot and my heart healed a little more. THEN, I walked down the sunny streets with a melty and delicious chocolate ice cream cone and my heart was back to 100%.







Florida, I think you’re beautiful.

Recent Inspiration

It’s September which means I have stopped holding back, and I’m in full-on autumn mode. I’m decorating everything in sight, planning Halloween movie marathons and autumn leaf drives, baking fall goodies, sketching jack-o-lanterns and chunky sweaters, etc.


I’m telling you…I’m unstoppable. I’m determined to make it feel like fall, despite Florida’s permanently lush greenery- and I WILL succeed.

St. Petersburg


We have lived in Florida for a little over a month now, and haven’t been to the beach ONCE. But, thankfully, T prefers beaches in the colder weather months like I do. So, neither of us are suffering. We decided to spend the whole day in St. Petersburg, exploring the area, seeing the murals, and eating at some of the places on our list. Revolution Ice Cream, and Bodega on Central are definitely a couple of our new favorites. T had the Cuban sandwich, which was delicious. Oh, and my hibiscus – lime soda was the perfect refresher on such a sweaty, hot day.


We visited The Sunken Gardens which were AMAZING. We decided that anytime we travel, we are going to seek out the area’s botanical gardens. There are so many different plans in this world and I want to see as many as possible.


I have fallen in love with Florida’s greenery, and I swear that every single day I see at least one-hundred lizards. They’re everywhere like squirrels are in Alabama. We saw so, so many at the gardens. They were everywhere, and it was the coolest thing.


It’s really fun to have Jena with us on nearly every outing. I always wanted a little sister, and now I have a really cool one and I just can’t get enough of her.