My soul sister is betrothed to a guy that loves her to her core. He laughs at her jokes until they get too dirty for him. He lets her fall down internet rabbit holes filled with all things dark and spooky, and then pulls her back into the light when she has stayed down there for too long. And she loves him back. She opens like a flower when she talks about him, and she glows…which is really exciting to see.

We are entering the days of wedding brainstorming, and the days of girly conversations that we’ve secretly been waiting for forever. Talk of veils and lace and flower bouquet shapes, fine china, and girly shit that you think you hate until it’s on a curated internet page in front of you, where you can see it all coming together.

These are good days, and I’m BURSTING with excitement in a very laid back, let’s talk about all of it when you’re ready, kind of way.

Congratulations, Abbey and Colby! Marriage is grand and I can’t wait to see you through it.

Oh, and I went to NYC to surprise her. I’ll post more about that later.


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