Despite the exhaustion, it will forever be one of my favorite mornings. While a sleepy, woozy T slept on my shoulder, I ordered ginger ales for two, and read by the rising sun’s light.  After a very very long night followed by a very very long, coffee-less morning, and a very silly ordeal with Abbey’s apartment door, we made it to our destination! We settled in, freshened up just a bit, tended to her confused cats, and headed to Tom’s Diner to fill our tired and hungry bellies. Tom’s Diner supposedly inspired that song with that very recognizable tune by Suzanne Vega. Google it and go to it. It was sublime. Huge pancakes, the perfect amount of bacon (an almost sinful amount), and a perfectly satisfying cup of coffee set us up for the nap of a lifetime. IMG_5139

After our nap, we ventured out and explored Brooklyn. We stopped by Milk Bar and had possibly the best iced Americano we’ve ever had, their incredible cake bites, and some ice-cream! We strolled around for quite a while longer and happened upon Wilma Jean’s for dinner and then went back to the apartment to rest up for the full day of fun ahead.

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The next morning, we overslept and headed out for coffee and donuts at Sweatshop in Williamsburg and then went over to the Renegade Craft Fair!

A couple of our favorite vendors that you should check out stat:

Hadron Epoch Design. I bought the veggie journals. You can’t have too many mini notebooks. Lists on the go, quick sketches, jotting down notes during important phone calls, etc. Essential.

Stay Home Club, every introvert’s dream. A tote that says “Emotional Baggage” across the front, patches and pins with sayings like, Happy Alone, Awful, and Sad Songs. We stocked up on goodies for our sister.

A full list of the artists at Brooklyn’s fair can be found here. Stock up on all the things.


We spent the day exploring Brooklyn and then headed over to Manhattan to explore more. We took a rest in Sheep Meadow, had lunch at Shake Shack, and spent the day saying wandering aimlessly which I think is the best way to see NY. The night ended with pizza, beers, and a sleepy walk home.

The following day, Abbey and Colby came home! We surprised Abbey, loved on both of them, heard stories about their trip and celebrated their engagement with friends.

Our last full day was spent having a slow morning with Abbey, sipping coffee and eating NY bagels! While she went to work, we got some delicious gelato, did some shopping, saw Billy Eichner and his Billy on the Street crew, had Papaya Dog for dinner and cheesecake for dessert. We ended the night with Abbey, sipping boozy drinks on her rooftop. Heaven.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

NYC, we will be back one day! We feel like we have conquered you as well as one can in a long weekend.  Abbey and Colby, we love you and are so excited about the years to come.


Our flight home had ginger ales for two and a spectacular view from above during the golden hour. It was the perfect ending to a perfect trip.


My soul sister is betrothed to a guy that loves her to her core. He laughs at her jokes until they get too dirty for him. He lets her fall down internet rabbit holes filled with all things dark and spooky, and then pulls her back into the light when she has stayed down there for too long. And she loves him back. She opens like a flower when she talks about him, and she glows…which is really exciting to see.

We are entering the days of wedding brainstorming, and the days of girly conversations that we’ve secretly been waiting for forever. Talk of veils and lace and flower bouquet shapes, fine china, and girly shit that you think you hate until it’s on a curated internet page in front of you, where you can see it all coming together.

These are good days, and I’m BURSTING with excitement in a very laid back, let’s talk about all of it when you’re ready, kind of way.

Congratulations, Abbey and Colby! Marriage is grand and I can’t wait to see you through it.

Oh, and I went to NYC to surprise her. I’ll post more about that later.