On silence. 

Being sick with someone you love is weird. Neither of you are able to take care of each other, or yourselves, but you somehow still end up taking care of each other. Even though neither of you feel like it. The mister and I both have strep throat. Cool, great.

But yesterday something cool happened.

I got home from working a job that requires me to talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk all day long. Trey got home from working a job that requires him to talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. We talked on the phone while we were on our way home, filling each other in on the important details of our days, using our tired, sick, squeaky raspy voices. Then when we got home, I asked, “Can we just not talk for a while?” And he happily said, “yes, please.”

Then, we sat. In silence. On our front porch and sipped soup.

Now, a day later and even sicker, we will surely be having another night of minimal conversation, maximal movies, and I’m thrilled to bits about it.

Ps. Please share any and all remedies for an earache that clearly means business.