Bahama Mama


We are home! Home sweet home. I’m writing this from a pool chair next to our neighborhood pool, while Trey sits beside me working on his own projects. We have one, last, full off-day today before it is back to the real world, so we are planning to soak up every minute of this down time.

So, about that cruise…


Our bedroom had a window and I got so much joy out of looking out, day or night and seeing the ocean down below.


The further south we went, the bluer the water got. Everyone always says that the water is “so blue and crystal clear!”, but seeing is believing and I never imagined that it could be Blue Raspberry Kool-Aid blue. I was stunned.  Most mornings started with Trey ordering room service (which is always one of my favorite things), and the days were spent reading and drinking beer or frilly umbrella drinks on the decks or by the pool. At night, we would step into the lounges and listen to music or play cards while people-watching. Oh, and we ate CONSTANTLY. 24 hour pizza and ice cream. You could go get chinese food, and a hamburger, and three slices of roast lamb, cheesecake, and an ice cream cone and no one would think twice. So much gluttony, but… 24 hours of prosciutto pizza is heaven and I didn’t care to miss out on that.









The bluest water off the coast of Freeport. Kool-Aid Blue.


The trip was a major success. We are relaxed and refreshed. We experienced the island pleasures of the Bahamas, ate everything in sight, found that those coconut drinks you see are a lot heavier to carry than one would think, and we are so excited for whatever our next vacation may be.

Bon voyage!

It’s cruise day! Today, we embark on our journey to the Bahamas and we couldn’t be more excited.  I’m so ready to feel the sun on my face and to smell the salty sea air. Drinks upon drinks upon drinks. Free coffee and free food. Sunrises. Sunsets. Seaside reads. Poolside reads. Freckle Mania. Most likely a sunburn or two. Weichman family fun. Swimming until we are pruny. Embroidering swimsuits- in a swimsuit. Stargazing. Sunshine. Seafood. So. Much. More. 
Unfortunately, none of my swimsuits are as cute as these. Next step for this little friend, adding greenery.

On Being Married


Trey and I are almost three months into marriage and there are no complaints. We are frequently told that our life is sickeningly cute and “grammable” (worth instagramming). People don’t see the stacks of dirty dishes, and they don’t know that we eat most of our dinners on the couch, or curled up in bed after a late night at work. We are loving our little life right now, and when I think about all of the changes that will occur in the near and far future-I’m excited. We are building a foundation for our marriage-and it’s really, really fun.


I could go on and on and on about our life together, telling you all about how sickeningly cute we are together. But, I won’t. Instead, I’ll tell you that when you find someone who sits and watches you like you’re an animal in a zoo, loves you deeply on your best days as well as your worst days, and makes you feel whole in every way- keep them.

Keep them forever.