Paul Ferney

“She felt that milkshakes were the proper pairing with cake.”15_1-2-3-4chocolate



“Beatrice felt very strongly that one must wear a wig from time to time or one would be boring.”42_boxwoodGarland

Let Them Eat Cake by Paul and Jordan Ferney is one of my favorite things. Textures, colors, cake stands, oh my!Β I feel like each painting was given its own personality, and that I wouldn’t mind spending quite a bit of time with each and every one. Click the name of the collaboration to see more!

“By the time they finished that kiss her coffee was cold.”12_orangesicle

“After a slice of her childhood favorite cake, she skipped and sang all the way home.”45_leFleur

Go look at more of their cakes. Indulge. And if you’re ever looking for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, friendiversary, half-birthday, whatever-kind-of-day present for me… here you go.


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