Starting Anew.

Five years ago, I created my first blog. I lovingly named it, “Go Placidly”, which is a part of The Desiderata, one of my favorite poems. It’s funny because the definition of placid is: “not easily upset or excited”…and I am so, so easy to excite. Upsetting me isn’t as easy, thankfully. But, growing over the years, I’ve learned that I am not a very placid person. I’d like to pass myself off as someone who meditates in an open window for at least thirty minutes a day, does yoga, and keeps a dream journal right next to her essential oils and therapeutic gem stones…but that’s not me. I love gem stones, and yoga is wonderful, but I forget to journal daily, and attempts to meditate just turn into me wondering where I put my car keys. I would say that I’m calm and collected, easy going, and one to go with the flow…but you better believe that I am going to go with that flow and most likely be excited about it. A few years after “Go Placidly”, I changed the blog’s name to, “Until the Salmon Sing in the Streets.” It was a fitting name for a blog that I love, from a poem that I love.

I do love that old blog, and the memories that I left in it. But, it’s like an old book that you’ve read so many times that the dog-eared corners are breaking off. You’ve memorized it, and you’ve used it for pressing flowers. You’ll never let it go, but you’re ready to sit that one on a high shelf, and protect it while you fall in love with a new book.

Now, here I am. Starting fresh.

You know that feeling when you buy a new book? A brand new, right off the shelves, never been opened, paperback book? When you open the cover for the first time, it’s like you can almost hear the book take a breath. You create the very first crease in the spine, and it’s like the book says, “Ahhhh, thank you. I needed that.”

Well, that’s what starting this blog feels like. I feel like I’m opening a new book, and with every letter I type-the page is saying, “Do that again.” This feels good for me too, blog.

And the old blog? It’s being turned into a book for me. So that I can put it on a high shelf, and use it for pressing flowers.


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