5 Things.

  1. I’m learning to embroider, and I love it. I love Sarah Benning‘s pieces, and wish that I could deck my halls with all of her work. All of her works are so inspiring, and they turn me into a walking, talking heart-eyed emoji. Right now, I’m working on some festive party hats and balloons so that my walls will be in a constant state of celebration. I already finished one-but people thought they were frilly Christmas trees, so… I’m starting over. But you don’t need to know that.
  2. Jon Christian is visiting, and while it means that our apartment temporarily smells a little like teenage boys and ketchup- his visits are always my favorite. Just a second ago, he was sprawled out in the living room floor like a massive, 6’4 long bear rug- humming along with Mario Kart. We took him to the park today, where we hung around in hammocks and ate hotdogs and hamburgers. Does it get any better than that? I think not.
  3. Jim Kay’s illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is stunning. If you like Harry Potter (you probably do), and you like illustrations (everyone does), you should go pick yourself up a copy. If you’re a die hard Harry Potter fan (like my super fan husband is) then you probably were first in line to get the book when it was released, and you probably ordered the British edition as well.IMG_9274 (1)
  4. Exciting things will be happening this year! A vacation to the Bahamas, hopefully a small trip out west, possibly moving to a new state, and more. Nervous, excited, but mostly excited.
  5. This week, I’ll be decorating our place for Valentine’s Day and restocking our vases with fresh flowers. Monet said it best, “I must have flowers, always, and always.”

Stay Warm.


  1. the quality, state, or sensation of being warm; moderate and comfortable heat.
  2. enthusiasm, affection, or kindness.

I believe that sweaters make every day better, and that beds are meant to be overloaded with soft, heavy blankets. I believe that summer nights are good for the soul, and that days spent in the sun make for the very best naps. I believe in comfort.

I believe in celebrating all things, big and small. I believe in loving strangers, listening closer, and hugging tighter. I believe in patience and empathy. I believe in lifting people up, and wishing them well. I believe in laughter, and I believe that a kind and happy heart can warm a room.

I believe that you can warm a room. Stay warm.


Starting Anew.

Five years ago, I created my first blog. I lovingly named it, “Go Placidly”, which is a part of The Desiderata, one of my favorite poems. It’s funny because the definition of placid is: “not easily upset or excited”…and I am so, so easy to excite. Upsetting me isn’t as easy, thankfully. But, growing over the years, I’ve learned that I am not a very placid person. I’d like to pass myself off as someone who meditates in an open window for at least thirty minutes a day, does yoga, and keeps a dream journal right next to her essential oils and therapeutic gem stones…but that’s not me. I love gem stones, and yoga is wonderful, but I forget to journal daily, and attempts to meditate just turn into me wondering where I put my car keys. I would say that I’m calm and collected, easy going, and one to go with the flow…but you better believe that I am going to go with that flow and most likely be excited about it. A few years after “Go Placidly”, I changed the blog’s name to, “Until the Salmon Sing in the Streets.” It was a fitting name for a blog that I love, from a poem that I love.

I do love that old blog, and the memories that I left in it. But, it’s like an old book that you’ve read so many times that the dog-eared corners are breaking off. You’ve memorized it, and you’ve used it for pressing flowers. You’ll never let it go, but you’re ready to sit that one on a high shelf, and protect it while you fall in love with a new book.

Now, here I am. Starting fresh.

You know that feeling when you buy a new book? A brand new, right off the shelves, never been opened, paperback book? When you open the cover for the first time, it’s like you can almost hear the book take a breath. You create the very first crease in the spine, and it’s like the book says, “Ahhhh, thank you. I needed that.”

Well, that’s what starting this blog feels like. I feel like I’m opening a new book, and with every letter I type-the page is saying, “Do that again.” This feels good for me too, blog.

And the old blog? It’s being turned into a book for me. So that I can put it on a high shelf, and use it for pressing flowers.